I looked back at my year last year with my old blog and I polled my people about what I should write a book about. The results stated that the preferred topic was “How to Lead a Christian Life in our Seemingly Un-Christian World.” The book is in progress. [Correction – The book was replaced with a 40,000 word memoir that will never be issued for public viewing… HOWEVER, it’s still my dream to right a book someday.]
A platform to the book is this fresh new blog with a fresh new name. Seems a bit putting the cart before the horse but here it is. [Apparently WAY cart before the horse but who’s judging?]
So, why write at all?
I’m a dreamer. I’m speaking in the literal sense. When I close my eyes at night it is rare for me to wake up without a dream.
Maybe 10 years ago, sometime after my Grandma Rose died but before my daughter was born, I had the most beautiful and vivid dream. I’m glad the dream was vivid, because it has stuck with me and I’ve never written it down, until now…
The dream isn’t all that spectacular in a story telling sense. I was riding on a van or a bus. It was sunset. Clear skies, it was just darkened (my dreams all tend to have color… Memorable colors.). Bright deep blue.
The van stopped on a gravel parking lot and a group of us piled out. Normally in my dreams, I know people. I recognize faces. This was one dream that I don’t recall a familiar face. I remember there being a guard rail, like at a common park gravel lot. I used the guard rail to tie my shoe.
When I turned around we were walking down an incline toward a big beautiful resort-like hotel. It was a deep brown wood cabin style and 4 stories tall. There were many many rooms and it overlooked a large body of water that was very clear blue.
The interesting part about this dream are not the things I saw but the way I felt. I felt the deepest peace to my core. Take your happiest moment or one of those large “WHEW” moments where you finally felt safe. Multiply that moment times a thousand. THAT’S what it felt like. It was such deep peace. I didn’t have one care or one concern, I was at complete ease.
I sensed very strongly that my Grandma Rose, and many others, were inside the building and so I started to climb over the rail to run toward the door. One of the leaders grabbed my shoulder and said, “No, you can’t go there yet.” I recall being confused because I did NOT want to leave. It felt too amazing. Yet, I didn’t fight or argue. I just obeyed. However, I asked, “Why did you bring me here then?” The man responded, “so you could know what it was like.” What IT was like. So I could KNOW what IT was like! I couldn’t go there… YET.
That’s it. That’s all I remember.
I believe that the feeling I was allowed to experience was heaven. There is no place on this planet that can give a person that sense of peace.
Not on the day my husband told me he loved me. Not on the days I have seen a little heartbeat on a screen indicating a baby in my belly. Not on the days the babies were born. Not on the day of my best race. Not ANY of it. All of it combined doesn’t equal that amount of peace.
My point in writing this, and making this dream the focus for my very first post for this new blog, is to explain “Why.” Why write? Why write to the world? Why write to the world about love and Jesus and His word? Why share about my life and things that impact me and my thoughts and my life?
All I can simply say is that I am called to share with you. … To share my words with you. In doing this I am, in a disconnected but still very sincere way, sharing my love with you.
… we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine. – Romans 1:12
There is so much bad stuff in our world. There are so many evils in my city, in my country, on our planet. There are evils in homes, in business, on street corners, in places of worship even… The only way we can overturn the evil is through truth and through love.
So, join me on my journey here. I’ll be moving some of my previous posts over that I feel are relevant. If you know me, there’s no way I’ll be able to steer this ship without having some tangents here and there too.
Let’s smother 2015 (and 2016, and 2017 and soon 2018) with love.