Thank you so much for joining me on my journey, friend.  I pray to continue to bring content that inspires and moves you in your walk.

There have been a few posts that have been especially vulnerable and transparent.  I received comments online and privately about these posts and I continue to dialogue about each one.  I would hate it if you never got a chance to read them.  So, if you are so inclined, please be sure to visit:

Apples, Trees, and Addictions – Pulling the veil away on family secrets – My comments about addictions.

Getting “Un-friended” – We’ve all had this experience… my thoughts on being unfriended on Facebook.

Fears, Anxieties, Depression and Suicide – After someone I knew committed suicide, and another one attempted suicide (and since then yet two more people I know have died from suicide), I decided to open up about this topic and where my teenage depression led me.

Brutal Honesty – Deeper commentary about my depression and suicidal thoughts as a young teenager.

Eating Disorders?! Me?!?! (Me and my fitness addiction) – Reflections about how my fitness transformation drove me to behaviors belonging to people with eating disorders.