In case you missed the news, Joey Feek passed away over a week ago.  If you don’t know who Joey Feek even is, no matter…  this post isn’t necessarily about her but something that struck me in the latest blog post by her very sentimental and eloquent husband, Rory Feek.

Within the blog, Rory embeded the link to the video that was played at her funeral (which I have posted below).  What struck me about this beautiful video is Joey’s identity…

Rory had some amazing video of his beautiful wife doing things that are part of her identity.  She was pushing a tiller through her garden in old work clothes, playing with her baby with wet hair pulled back, being mommy again on a hammock playing patty cake, driving a tractor, playing guitar, dancing, playing with her dog, hanging out with her girlfriends at her restaurant, etc.  My point in all of this is that yes, Joey was a gorgeous woman so when she does these things she looks beautiful but in the eyes of our loved ones do we also not look beautiful when we do our things?  In the eyes of the one who made us, do we not look like perfection?

When our legs are firmly rooted in our identity, and our souls even more rooted in the knowledge of our Lord and our salvation because of Him, there is a sense of peace that overtakes a person.  You can see it in Joey…

God gave all of us gifts and talents.  There are things about us that make up our identity.  There are things for each one of us that when we do them, our heart sings.  God gave that to us.  He gave that to us for ourselves to enjoy and for us to share with others.  For example…  my Grandma Rose LOVED to dance (must be where I also got the craving) and everyone commented about her dancing.  No, she wasn’t a competitive ballroom dancer but she lit up when she did it and other’s saw that.  The more she was able to move and cut a rug, the happier she was and she was able to bring that happiness to the other activities in her life.

My point is, we cannot squelch our talents.  Our bodies, our minds, our hearts are wired a certain way by the talents and we require them in order to do His work with peace.  Maybe even by just performing our talents we are doing His work.

Additionally, if your talent is good and noble and a gift from God, don’t stop doing it because you don’t think some guy you are dating might not like it.  Don’t stop doing your thing because you know it ensues jealousy among others.  Don’t quit showing the world the gift that God has given you because you are afraid it doesn’t quite compare to someone else’s similar gift.  Your gift is part of your beautiful identity.  You yourself require you working your identity so you have some sense of peace and comfort in the world.

One of my very first blog posts I wrote was about the question, “Why does Jamie write?”  I detailed a dream I had about heaven.  It didn’t at all look the way I had envisioned but the deep peace that I sensed was so very strong.  I’ve talked with two people who were “brought back” after being dead on a hospital table, retelling stories about that deep sense of peace… that complete loss of care and anxiety that only can be received when we get to heaven.  My point is, our gifts/talents bring us a little piece of that peace.  Those talents are part of our identity and if we at all wish to live our life authentically as God calls us to, then we need to nurture and be the person He intended for us to be.