As I grow older and (God willing) wiser, I find that there is a collective of people who believe that they can make a difference in this world.  No, we may not make our local governments better or we may not solve world hunger but we believe that we can change the life of one person…  maybe for just a season, a day or an instant.  These collective changes matter.  Our doing good reveals the face of God.

If you are on the fence about God or His existence, I get it.  For years I struggled back and forth with the details, with doctrine, and finally I just decided that He has shown His presence and He would just have to help me sort the rest out.  I knew that there are no coincidences.  Everything is planned and we didn’t all just arrive for no real reason.  Things continue to fall in place and by having this blog is a good way for me to express these findings.

My goals that I hope to deliver to you on this blog are a few main things:

  • LOVE.  The answer to everything is love.  Some people think this is flowery and an insincere statement.  Jesus tells us to live this way and I find that my life goes a lot smoother if I adhere to it.  My heart has been broken a million times over and yet I still find that love is the right choice.  By sharing my words with you I am also, in an indirect way, sharing my love with you.  …and I cannot stress enough that you cannot and will not feel this love from things or achievements.  You can only feel love by giving and receiving it from PEOPLE.
  • HOPE.  Even among death, war, famine, broken homes, broken families, disease and addictions, there is always hope.  If you lose hope then you cannot feel the love.
  • HONESTY.  Life is hard.  Even with the best intentions and focused living, God allows some pretty heavy stuff to penetrate our lives.  To sugar coat some of this stuff is to give a disservice.  By being honest I hope that I create a safe environment for people to realize they are not alone in their struggles.

I have so many personal goals that I’d like to attain before I go on to the next world like scuba diving, hang gliding, going back to Europe, writing a book, get in awesome shape.  However, my life is not any less complete by not having these goals met.  They would just be some cool things to do before I die.  My greatest achievement would be to live a life for God, completely and totally in His will.

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