I dreamt I was saving those women, those girls.  It was unsafe.  I was scared yet determined. Law enforcement was after me…

It was over a month ago that I had that very vivid dream.  I wasn’t sure at the time the significance of the dream but it really tugged at my heart.

Those girls were of all ages.  I felt that I was called to protect them in a big way.  They looked at me as their own, with their brown skin, and I to them.  I cradled the young girls and hugged the elders.  These were my sisters.  They trusted me and smiled lovingly at me.  I was rescuing them from an evil I didn’t understand but I knew I had to get them out of their situation.  I felt lost in a sea of shanty towns with dirt roads and tall trees while driving them in a rusty old van.  Yet, I had to save them.

I hadn’t thought about that dream since I had it until I was reading more about Isis and their atrocities on the people around them, specifically Christians.

I spent the better part of last evening learning about the history of Isis and their statements for their actions.  I even built the nerve to watch a couple of their horrible videos.

Friends, I don’t think us Americans (who don’t travel abroad frequently) know how good we have it here.  Yes we have our GMOs and our deceiving government but we do not have Muslims running amok, beheading and executing people.  I have a grand suspicion that if anything would start happening like that in the US, the wild wild west will become a reality again.

There are places in this world where wearing your fish or your cross, or attending your church, or walking out of a Christian bookstore, or being caught praying out of your Bible is a death sentence.   According to Isis, we are a “Nation of the Cross.”  So be it.  Gladly.  Frankly, I like the sound of that.

Amazingly, there’s a very clear verse that speaks to beheadings of Christians specifically in Revelations 20:4:

Then I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was given to them. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony of Jesus and because of the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received the mark on their forehead and on their hand; and they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.

The worst thing I saw was the image of a beheaded child.  A small child.  I cannot even fathom that level of evil.  … And there are countless depressing images of beautiful babies and children being tortured and scared to death and murdered and laying in blood… What kind of gutless monsters do this?!?!

… And I think about our sisters.  The mothers, grandmothers, aunts of these babies.  It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to know what the fate of these courageous women is.  Our poor sisters are being sold into slavery, married against their will.  They are being raped and tortured.

If the public was talking about the torture of Americans on American soil, or Americans or Europeans on European soil or something that maybe you could relate better because it is easier to visualize or empathize with.  But we are talking about Jewish and Christians…  people with the same skin tone as Jesus Christ himself.  People who eat similar foods to what he ate.  People who live in the same area as he lived.

The travel distance between Nazareth and Mosul, Iraq (the center of the Islamic State – Isis) is 511 miles.  This is similar to the driving distance between Kansas City and Chicago, or San Diego and San Francisco, or Austin, TX to Roswell, NM.  Given the pride and honor these tribal people have I can imagine they wouldn’t appreciate the analogy because I’m suggesting based on location alone that they are very similar people.  I’m not pretending to be a genetics or genealogy expert.  I’m just trying to paint a relational/regional picture for you.

My mind does wander to the US’s involvement, preventable or not, in what is going on now.  I read some information from a US foreign policy expert saying that for every ONE US soldier killed in the middle east since 2003, 100 Muslims have died thus over 1 million Muslims have died at the hands of the United States, European and Israeli forces.  Isis reports this number is closer to 10 million.  They are repaying the way their religious leader has taught…  “Eye for an eye.”  Who knows, they may not stop until 10 million Christians and Jews have died.  That’s their goal, anyway.  They say about us, “There is nothing to give them but the sword.”

I wonder if the US government has ever funded Isis, and I believe at some point last year I read they did.  I would not be surprised if this was the truth, given the shadow government on this planet and how it works.

I also wonder, as a Christian, what in the world is it that I am supposed to DO?  I can’t take a plane over there and stop the madness.  I also can’t take a plane over there to assist in the rehabilitation of our sisters who have fled/escaped/lived to tell the tales.

I’m always leery about donating money to causes.  I wonder about what percentage of my money actually goes to those who need it.  There are a variety of charities out there to give to.  Because I have not researched any of them, I will not plug any of them either but I do feel called to donate.

And the only other obvious thing we can do is pray.  I know the situation seems so grand, so out of reach, so far beyond our understanding.  Maybe it’s because I watched the videos and I listened to people speak out a hate for us with such passion and conviction that it makes me sad.  While I can’t fathom, but can attempt to understand their level of hatred and contempt, I am reminded that I serve a God that commands us to behave much differently…  a God who promises fruits of the spirit for behavior according to His word.  I don’t think someone who serves such a level of evil could understand peace, joy, and love.  People who are filled with such evil have no concept of love.  Literally, they have NONE.

So, as we start our Lenten season and reflect on the physical sacrifice and pain that our savior bestowed upon us, please dedicate some of your prayers and petitions for our brothers and sisters who are suffering abroad.  God DOES hear our prayers.  All of this killing and execution is not for naught.  Please step out of your comfort zone, outside of your bubble, outside of your borders, outside of your white picket fences and pray for these people!

Join me in a Bible study through if:equip. Let’s pray the big prayers and see God do something MAGNIFICENT in our generation.