March 2015

Apples, Trees and Addictions

This was a blog post I had on an old blog I’ve since retired.  It seems everyone I get to know on a deep personal level has been…

Life Really is a Race

When I first created Jamie’s Thinks I thought eventually it would lead into some health and fitness stuff. I mean, in the Bible it says, “Or do you…

When the World Hurts, We Hurt

Yesterday I had my music on shuffle and The Police’s “Synchronicity I” came on. This particular song brings back a lot of memories (the entire album does, really)….

Biblical HOPE

At a particularly low point in my life, over a decade ago, I bought myself this ring. At the time, I considered the term “hope” synonymous with “wish”…

When God Speaks

Have you heard Him speak? I have. Quite a few times, actually. Sometimes it is just a small, still voice that guides me with everyday decisions (my conscience)….